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Name: Hayley Nichole Williams
Born place: Meridian, Mississippi, United States
Born date: December 27, 1988 
Parents: The mother Christie Williams and the father Joey Williams
Brothers/Sisters: Two sisters Erica and McKayla
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red
Height: 5'2"
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Other names: Hayles, Sponge, SpongeBob
Spouse: Single
Children: No children
Occupation: Musician, singer-songwriter
Years active: 2004-present
Studies: High school

Favorite song : "For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic"
Favorite place : Nashville, TN, anywhere in California, Tokyo,
Japan, or Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia 

hayley's twitter : @yelyahwilliams

Biography and Career:

Hayley Williams was born on December 27,1988, in Meridian, Mississippi.

She was very shy and suffered by strong stage fright. After moving to Tennessee, Hayley started taking vocal lessons and played roles in various school productions. This helped her to get a grip over 

her stage fear.

She came across Josh and Zac Farro around that time. These brothers had started a band by that time and played various funk covers. They, along with Jeremy Davis and Jason Bynum, formed a band and named 
Within a few months, 
the band started performing in Tennessee and soon gathered a small, but devoted fan base. Gradually, as they became well-known, they took part in music festivals like the Warped Tour and Purple Door. The big news came in April 2005, when Paramore was signed for a record contract with Fueled under the label of Ramen.

But, just when Hayley and her band started recording for their first album, the band's bassist Jeremy Davis left the band for unrevealed reasons. Though the band initially suffered from the loss of a member, yet the four-member band redoubled their speed towards making their 
debut album All We Know IS Falling. The result of their untiring efforts was seen with the release of their album on July 26, 2005. The album scaled #30 on Billboard's Heathseekers Chart. While the band was touring during that summer for the promotion of their new album, Jeremy joined back with the band. This gave the band a fresh wind of energy to perform even better.

Paramore soon began to be counted as one of most promising bands of the 
music scene. They received huge enthusiasm weeks prior to the release of their second album. In between the release of their second album, Hailey was named "No. 2 sexiest female in rock" by Kerrang Magazine and NME Magazine regarded Paramore as "one of the 10 bands to watch".

The band started recording their second album Riot! by January, 2007, and released it on June 12 of the same year.Paramore received even greater success than their first album with Riot!. It was certified Gold in the United States and Hailey was placed beside contemporary 
rock icons like Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson.
Why is Hayley Williams famous?

Hayley Williams is famous because she is the red vocalist of the band Paramore. She is a lovely young girl who makes her job very good. She is famous because the band where she sings is a famous one and won a lot of awards. Also, their songs are very famous in the entire world. 
Why do we love Hayley Williams?

We love this young girl because she is a pretty lady and because she is a good singer. Also, we like her because she makes part from the famous band Paramore and she is the soul of the band. Hayley is loved by al the teenagers and by all the boys who has her age.

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